When The Dust Settles offered an extraordinary opportunity to acquire works by leading artists while supporting the future of contemporary art in Aotearoa New Zealand. At the time of this auction, Artspace Aotearoa had presented over 400 exhibitions by more than 2000 artists over 34 years. For When The Dust Settles, 34 works by seminal artists returned to the gallery for presentation and sale in this ambitious fundraising auction.

This auction generated the last necessary funds to complete three newly designed spaces in the Artspace Aotearoa basement. The completion of these spaces will realise a greater and better aligned range of opportunities and entry points for artists, curators and other cultural practitioners at Artspace Aotearoa. Read more about this project here. When The Dust Settles was made possible through the support of our artist community, their representing galleries and Webb's. Ngā mihi nui. Bidding has closed - thank you!

Artist Works

Dane Mitchell
From the Dust Archive (Museum of Modern Art)
Estimate: NZD 8,000 — 12,000
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Billy Apple®
Apple Turns to Gold
Estimate: NZD 20,000 — 30,000
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Richard Killeen
Repetition Triangle Wasp
Estimate: NZD 5,000 — 9,500
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Mary-Louise Browne
Don’t Let It Get You
Estimate: NZD 7,500 — 10,000
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Joyce Campbell
Kohuwai (Her beautiful green hair) from the series Three Signs
Estimate: NZD 7,000 — 11,000
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Ella Sutherland
Place Holder (Class)
Estimate: NZD 6,500 — 9,500
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Claudia Kogachi
Self Portrait as Suki
Estimate: NZD 4,500 — 5,500
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Judy Millar
Estimate: NZD 24,000 — 32,000
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Mark Adams
13.11.00. Hinemihi interior. Clandon Park Surrey, England Nga Toanga: Wero Taroi, Tene Waitere
Estimate: NZD 11,000 — 15,000
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Stella Brennan
Studio Monitor
Estimate: NZD 4,000 — 7,000
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Brett Graham
Spirit of Aloha
Estimate: NZD 30,000 — 40,000
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Sarah Smuts-Kennedy
Joy Field (July 2021), Sunstudio
Estimate: NZD 5,000 — 8,000
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Judy Darragh
Dreamweaver 2
Estimate: NZD 7,000 — 11,000
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Reuben Paterson
To Sea You
Estimate: NZD 16,000 — 19,000
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Andrew McLeod
Parkscape 12
Estimate: NZD 8,000 — 12,000
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Ann Shelton
The Congress Woman, Peony (Paeonia sp.)
Estimate: NZD 8,000 — 11,000
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Peter Robinson
Syntax System
Estimate: NZD 12,000 — 16,000
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Nathan Pōhio
Homemade Glider Kitset
Estimate: NZD 11,000 — 16,000
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Marie Shannon
Map of My Day
Estimate: NZD 2,800 — 4,000
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Jade Townsend
Te Ao Tua-ātea
Estimate: NZD 4,500 — 6,500
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Oscar Enberg
Egg and Bone discussing the Fall of Man
Estimate: NZD 6,000 — 8,000
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Jess Johnson in collaboration with Cynthia Johnson
Flesh Totem Double Arches
Estimate: NZD 13,000 — 17,000
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Dan Arps
Sleepers (Apple)
Estimate: NZD 9,000 — 14,000
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Phil Dadson
E-Motion 3 and E-Motion 4
Estimate: NZD 7,000 — 10,000
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Tony de Lautour
Version 2
Estimate: NZD 18,000 — 22,000
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Nikau Hindin
Ki Ngā Rangi Tūhāhā
Estimate: NZD 9,000 — 13,000
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Gavin Hipkins
Block Painting XXV
Estimate: NZD 8,000 — 10,000
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Peter Robinson
Defunct Mnemonic
Estimate: NZD 6,500 — 8,500
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Julia Morison
Omnium Gatherum 59
Estimate: NZD 14,000 — 18,000
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Jeena Shin
Movement Image Time A
Estimate: NZD 7,000 — 11,000
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Ava Seymour
Hey Menes
Estimate: NZD 2,700 — 3,400
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Ava Seymour
Oh Cleopatra
Estimate: NZD 2,700 — 3,400
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John Reynolds
Estimate: NZD 7,000 — 11,000
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Dane Mitchell
Artspace Aotearoa lint roll
Estimate: NZD 2,000 — 4,000
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Fiona Pardington
Tui on a Byre of Flowering Sage and Wild Roses
Estimate: NZD 10,000 — 15,000
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What Will The Money Be Used For?

The When The Dust Settles fundraising auction generated the last necessary funds to complete three newly designed spaces in the Artspace Aotearoa basement.

These include a cinema and project space equipped to show moving image work from Aotearoa and overseas, a workshop open to artists and the public, and an international and local residency studio that will house four residents per year, stimulating non-result based artistic research. Completing our new facilities forms the last part of a three year vision to realise an expanded Artspace Aotearoa that is able to offer programming and support beyond existing opportunities.

The development of our new basement spaces looks sharply to the future, in which artistic practices continue to have changing needs in terms of social relations, materials and professional mentorship. The completion of our three new spaces will honour the decades-long support structure that Artspace is known for, renewing and expanding this commitment in the present.

Funds raised through When the Dust Settles went directly into the built infrastructure of our space - work that could not be paid for through our primary funding.

Do The Artists Get Paid?

When The Dust Settles hoped to prove the tenability of an arts fundraising model that remunerated participation. In acknowledgment of the personal costs incurred in creating the works offered and maintaining the practices that generated them, all artists were offered 50% commission. The commission structure also acknowledged artists’ dealer galleries, and allocated funding to produce a publication post-auction that chronicles the relationship between these artists and Artspace Aotearoa, capturing the rich personal histories that permeate our organisation and wider arts ecology.

This commission split held true to the kaupapa of Artspace Aotearoa and our determination to advocate for artists. A number of When The Dust Settles artists pledged to donate the entirety of funds raised through the sale of their work. We were extremely grateful and humbled by their generosity.

Who’s Behind This?

When The Dust Settles included works by foundational artists and more recent alumni of our programme. These artists all made significant contributions to the story of Artspace Aotearoa, and pledged their support to this project in recognition of the considerable impact our organisation made on their practices, and more broadly, on contemporary art discourse and practice in Aotearoa. We are extremely grateful for their support, as well as that of the gallerists, writers, and other members of our community who came together to celebrate the history of our organisation, and tautoko our future.

When The Dust Settles was developed and is delivered by the team at Artspace Aotearoa with the support of Artspace Aotearoa Trustee Hamish Coney and Project Manager Victoria McAdam.

Ngā Mihi Nui

We appreciated the time and insights of the gallerists who contributed to this project through generous consultation and support to the artists they represent. Ngā mihi nui Ivan Anthony, Alison Bartley, Dan du Bern, Mary-Louise Browne, Trish Clark, Dominic Feuchs, John Gow, Robert Heald, Anna Jackson, Gary Langsford, Michael Lett, Jonathan Smart, Chantelle Smith, Andrew Thomas, and Jenny Todd.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of Webb’s. Ngā mihi nui Paul Evans, Christine Kearney, Charles Ninow, Bruce Qin, Adrienne (AD) Schierning, Lucy Munro, and the wider Webb’s whānau.

We also extend our gratitude to the artists and writers who contributed new writing to this digital catalogue, or allowed us to re-publish their work: Dan Arps, Mary-Louise Browne, Sophia Cai, Wystan Curnow, Natasha Conland, Cosmin Costinaş, Jess Johnson, Sam Te Kani, Divyaa Kumar, Tessa Laird, Chloe Lane, Judy Millar, Nathan Pōhio, Christian Rattemeyer, Hanna Scott, Megan Tamati-Quennell and Vivian Ziherl.

And to other members of our extended community who offered invaluable expertise and support, including Luke Boyle, Geoffrey Heath of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Kate McKenzie-Pollock at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre, Oliver Roake, the team at Blink, Brock Williams at Crucial Colour and many others.

The visual identity of When The Dust Settles was designed by Extended Whānau. Ngā mihi nui Tyrone Ohio and Rob Lewis. This website was built by Dexter Edwards. Ngā mihi nui Dex!

How To Buy Works

The works included in this digital catalogue were available to purchase in an online auction that opened 10am 14 October and closed 8pm 19 October. This auction was hosted on Webb’s Online Auction Portal, which sits within their website.

Support Artspace Aotearoa

Artspace Aotearoa is indebted to our community who have grown with us over the last 34 years. We realise not everyone in this community was in a position to purchase a work through this fundraiser. If you would like to contribute, you can support Artspace Aotearoa by purchasing an edition or publication through our website, or making a donation. We welcome donations of all sizes, even the smallest donation or membership fee enables us to cover important costs.

Ask Us Anything

If you have any questions, please contact info@artspace.org.nz